Have you or someone you know ever had a broken relationship?

Too often the parties involved know that something needs to be done, but they just don’t know what.

Let a Hearts-R-Mending greeting card be the ‘foot in the door’ to open up dialogue to get the relationship moving in the right direction.

With Hearts-R-Mending, you can say it from the heart with a card.

Make a heart connection today, and let the healing begin.

  • ‘We’re healing hearts every day
  • Hearts are mending
  • In so many ways…’

Life handed me a lemon a few years ago when I lost my job (after 19 years of employment) due to the company’s downsizing.  Now, I’m in the process of making lemonade in the form of a brand new business.  This business idea was tucked away safely in the back of my mind for over 20 years.  I would remind myself occasionally that one day, one of these days, I’m going to start my own business.

After losing my job, “one day” came when I did not anticipate it coming.  It was time to take the idea from my mind and place it on the “table of opportunity.”  The very idea suddenly became scary and risky.

Hearts-R-Mending became my business idea.  I wanted to offer people a creative way to express often “difficult” thoughts from the heart in the form of a card.  The sole purpose of these cards, however, would focus on healing or “mending” a broken relationship.

Let’s face it!!  Wherever there is a relationship, there is a good possibility that at some point it will need mending.  It’s also true that all relationships will not be mended, but the senders of the cards can feel confident knowing they put forth the effort to heal the relationship.

After taking a 2 ½ hour class called, “Starting a Business”, sponsored by the Small Business Administration, I was given the confidence and encouragement to not procrastinate any further.  I am continuing to move forward with Hearts-R-Mending and believe it is a true gift from God to heal hurting hearts.

This lemonade  
is getting sweeter  
every day!