Junk In A Neat Pile Is Still Junk

Hurry up! Pick up the room! Unexpected company is parked in the driveway.  Hold on, can you go out to meet them to stall them until we finish picking up the room? It’s crucial that you go out there now!  We can’t have them seeing how junky we are.

On the desk, put the papers in 6 neat piles and in 2 even rows.

Under the sofa cushions, fold and place 3 days of old newspapers.

Behind the sofa, drop the dog toys.

In the vase, pull the artificial flowers, drop in the pencils, pens, and crayons scattered about.

Cut the TV off; they would be offended at this movie we’re watching.

On the short chair, turn the cushions to hide the cat hair.

With no time to vacuum or mop, place the ottoman over the smashed peanut butter sandwich.

Alexa, turn on some soft music.

Saturate the room with air freshener!

There! All set for the unexpected company. Didn’t have time to inspect the bathroom; hopefully, they won’t stay long enough to have to use it. We’ll put all the junk in their rightful places after our guests leave.  “Oh, hello, so nice to see you, come on in!”

In your personal life, do you have junk in a neat pile? Do you need to unpack each piece and put it in its rightful place?  Most people prefer to have their junk hidden, sealed with a smile.  As if nothing is going on, as if all is well  –  when it’s not. Suppose a piece of that hidden junk has to do with the hurting heart of a parent whose children are not getting along. That parent might find it comforting to send Hearts-R-Mending words like these:

Since the day that you were born

I’ve loved you so very much

And I also love your brother

You’re my two reasons for getting in touch.

The way you have severed your ties

Has really troubled my heart

And I want to see you both do better

Hoping this will be the day you will start.

What a wonderful gift it would be

To see my children on one accord

Liking and even loving each other

Would be to me a great reward.