Had Any Porch Appointments Lately?

Back in the day, when you wanted to visit with someone, there was no need to call ahead...Back in the day, when you wanted to visit someone, there was no need to call ahead to see if they were home and if so, to ask permission to stop by. You just showed up – impromptu visits.  Today, with so much busy-ness, you have intended for quite some time to visit a particular person. It’s been months ago since the thought first came to mind. Perhaps it’s now necessary to make a porch appointment. But you say you don’t have a porch.  Well, does the person you need to visit have a porch?  If not, just bring the ‘porch’ inside.  That’s a good thing anyway if it’s cold or rainy.  The important thing is, is that a relationship is on the way to being strengthened or mended as a result of this visit.

What will you talk about? How about anything, everything, and nothing in particular!  That with-ness will bring closeness.  Don’t think about the fact that you don’t have that kind of time to devote to sit around and talk about nothing.  Life is so short and getting shorter by the day.  Used to be, here today, gone tomorrow; but now it’s here today, gone today.

Have you seen anyone on their porch lately, maybe an elderly neighbor, who could use a porch buddy? They see you practically every day, sometimes frantically going here, there and ‘yond.  Could be they have been wishing you would slow down and come sit awhile.  Next time you hear something concerning that person, could be that they have died.  How sad.  You had every intention…  Maybe you have put off a visit because of a broken relationship.  Hearts-R-Mending can be your ‘foot in the door’ to go on ahead to initiate that porch appointment. Could it be your sister with whom you haven’t gotten along since you’ve become adults?  These words may be expressed on your behalf:

My sister what can I say
To help us get on track
Since most of our disagreements
Seem to go way back.

If Momma and Daddy could see us
Not being the grown-ups we should
Hating and talking about each other
They would see it does not look good.