Where There's A Will...

There’s a good possibility there will be someone, somewhere trying to change it.  Of course, the reading of the will before the deceased deceases is recommended.  That way, there will be no surprises at the end.

OK, so you just knew for sure that Uncle Joe would leave you that sleek antique car.  Instead, he left it to your nephew, who’s only 8 years old and couldn’t see out of the window, even if he sat on a booster seat!  Now that was real smart!  Not only that, you had asked Aunt Mattie for that china set and crystal set 5 years ago.  She told you they were yours, but yet, she gave them to her next door neighbor, who, by the way, is just as old as Aunt Mattie was, and therefore won’t be here long enough to enjoy them.

Hold on! There’s no way this will can be legit.  Maybe they were forced to sign under duress. Otherwise, you definitely would have been included, especially since you thought you were their favorite.  You decide to take it upon yourself to look around in the house to see if the real will is hidden someplace.  Or better yet, you could just hire a lawyer to check out this suspect will.  Your siblings and cousins got what they wanted; why not you?  You can feel the animosity and suspicion building in your heart against them. The nerve of them! If there are no changes to this will, you will take this feeling with you to your grave.  The thought hadn’t even occurred to you that this was Uncle Joe’s and Aunt Mattie’s stuff to do with as they pleased.

Nip your resentment in the bud.  Your family members can see it and they are talking about you every day!  If you received these Hearts-R-Mending words from a family member, perhaps your heart can be set at ease:

For God did not make us
To feud and fuss and fight
For right now it doesn’t matter
Who was wrong and who was right.

I’m extending to you my hand
And I’m opening to you my heart
For the purpose of letting you in
By doing my small part.