On Cell Block 'D'

DisconnectedDevastatedDetachedDesperateDepressedDisillusioned – Despair

Do you know anyone imprisoned by any of these “D’s”?  They all have one word in common – negativity. Many people can be described with these words.  Negativity exudes from every pore in their skin.  No one wants to be in their presence; unless, it’s someone else who exudes negativity, as well.  They say, ‘misery loves company’. 

Could discouragement and heartache from childhood possibly have followed you into adulthood, ‘locking’ up your mind?  More negative days than positive days?  More sadness than gladness? Seeing life through eyes that look for nothing good in anyone?  Waking up with an attitude and going to bed with the same?

You love having pity parties where only ‘me’, ‘myself’, and ‘I’ are invited.  Don’t expect any fun at these gatherings! You play the blame game- your favorite activity at the party.  This is where you are subject to come to the conclusion that your problems are all someone else’s fault – even though you are an adult and can make more positive adult decisions in order to have more positive outcomes.

No doubt you have rubbed shoulders with someone who just wasn’t taking it from you anymore.  As a result, you’ve been kicked out of the home, been in some terrible fights, and incarcerated numerous times.  Imprisoned in reality!

Does that leave you estranged from your son or daughter?  Get rid of the “D’s” in your life and take steps to mend some hearts that you have broken.  Words from Hearts-R-Mending may be able to help:

What can I say except I’m sorry
I could have been a better mother
I wasn’t there to see you grow up
So someone else had to be my cover.

I know that the pain and hurt
And all the disappointments are still there
And I know it’s hard to believe
But son I really do care.