Does Your Pain Give You a Fuzzy-Warm, Comfy Feeling?

Your emotional pain is a part of you; it’s who you are.  After all, you’ve had it for years.  To give up your pain and forgive someone might be more than you can bear – it would diminish a part of you.  Then what would you do?  Nothing more to complain about.  A peaceful spirit within your heart.  No more bringing this pain to your thoughts day after day.  It’s just unthinkable!

So, just hold on to your pain.  It’s yours, you earned it!  It’s your baby to continue to nurture and grow.  Have you even come out and said, “I’m not ready to forgive, yet”?  “You don’t know what they said or did to me!”  Every now and then, you strike out (not necessarily physically) because you feel so much better when you do.  You know what, you can continue to lose sleep at night, have headaches, problems with high blood pressure, and suffer with joint pain.  Never mind that the experts say holding grudges can hinder your health.  The other person has gone on about their business, while you sit and stew.  When you see them laughing and enjoying themselves, it just does something to YOU: namely, your heart beats faster, your respiration rate increases, a frown comes into your brow, your mouth muscles get tight, and all the other emotional turmoil that happens.

Better still, why not give it all up, as these words from Hearts-R-Mending suggest:

Time is slipping away from us
Life is just too short
To keep holding on to grudges
And tempers and anger of that sort.

Please forgive me for all wrong
That I have said or done
In hopes that we will do better
To be more LOVING in the long run.