The 800 Pound Gorilla

You know, the 800-Pound Gorilla is cousin to the White Elephant.

They’re both in the room.  Only no one sees them!

They let off a tension that’s so thick, you can’t even cut it with a knife.  Like the kind of tension that gets stirred up among blood relatives, the kind that gets the blood boiling.

They see each other but ignore each other at family events – funerals, family reunions, and holiday gatherings.  At all of these events, they are determined not to eat the dish the other one brought.

One way to avoid the tension is just not show up for the event.  But noooo, each of them is determined that they will not be controlled by the other.  Each of them is determined to be at every family event.  Other family members look at one and then the other. They know the “drama” will start soon. It always does.They are also looking (and hoping and even praying) for some kind of resolution because they are beginning to feel uncomfortable, too.  A couple of relatives have tried in the past to sit them down in private to hopefully make “peace.”  But, sad to say,  tensions flared, walk-outs occurred, and nothing was accomplished.  What childish adults!  Will one of you pleeeese step out and step up?!

If at least one of you would step out and up, but don’t know how to get started or what to say, perhaps these words from Hearts-R-Mending can help you get started:

It’s been a little while ago

But it’s still tugging at my heart

Asking you to forgive me now

As I confess to my wrongful part.

My way didn’t bring about trust

Can’t blame you if you never do

My way caused us to be estranged

Because relationships should be built on truth!